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Flight 1549 - E-Rong, Moses, Khansa






Interviewer: On January 15, 2009, The US Airways Flight 1549 took off from New York City's LaGuardia Airport and struck a flock of Canada geese, 3 minutes after takeoff, northeast of the George Washington Bridge. Fortunately, the pilots, Chesley Sullenberger, also known as Sully and Jeffrey Skiles, managed to glide the plane and ditch it successfully into the Hudson River off Midtown Manhattan. The 155 passengers were all rescued by nearby boats with few serious injuries. We will now hear from one of the passengers.

Interviewer: What was happening in the plane during the incident?
Passenger: I was just beginning to relax when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a grey shape zoom past. Then a heard a loud bang. The engine was on fire. Then all was quiet except for the thumping of the engine. Then there was a sudden turn, and a bridge came into view. The plane almost hit the bridge before hitting the water hard.

Interviewer: Now let us hear from one of the eyewitnesses. What did you observe being done by others?
Eyewitness: They were shocked and started murmuring among themselves. They also started to take out their phones and taking pictures and videos.

Flight 1549 - Renelle, Yun Hui, Mei Qi

The interviewer : Mei Qi
Passer-by: Yun Hui
Pilot : Renelle

21 August 2017

Mei Qi: Welcome back to the news and today we will be finding out more about the miraculous event that happened to Flight 1549. Today, we have two special guests here, a member of Flight 1549’s cabin crew and a passer-by who witnessed the landing of Flight 1549 onto Hudson River.

Renelle : I was a member of the cabin crew in the flight 1549 during the incident. During the incident, Captain (Cheeseburger) took leadership and made decisions quickly. He tried to get everyone out of the plane safely before he left the plane. He instructed us to assist on the evacuation of the passengers. He settled the situation swiftly and ensured everyone's safety.

Yun Hui: I was walking along the Hudson River when I saw a plane land swiftly onto the surface of the water. It was very shocking as no one would have expected a plane to land on water out of nowhere. I then found out that the plane landed because of an emergency evacuation as the plane had collided into birds and caused both engines to fail. Thankfully, everyone was safe. I have to say that the pilot was indeed a brave and civic-minded one.

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Eye Witness Flight 1549: Caleb, Pranav, Kieran, Han Yang

Passenger: Han Yang
(2) Passer-by: Pranav, Kieran

Interviewer: Caleb


TAN HAN YANG studentPassenger (Han Yang) When the captain told us we were landing in the Hudson River, we were so shocked we couldn’t even talk, speak or show any signs of emotions. Many of the passengers, prayed, and held onto their loved ones. I was so shell-shocked that I could barely even comprehend what I wanted to do. I remember the pin-drop silence as the plane began to inch closer and closer to the water. People were bracing when their heads down and waiting for the impact. The moment the plane came to a halt, a sudden cry of happiness, shock and relief rocked through the whole cabin, we were cheering, shouting, screaming, it was honestly, a miracle that this happened and I thank the humble and amazing pilot for saving our lives.

Pranav Kamalnath student

Passer by (1)Pranef
i wanted to throw my burger wrapper  into the Hudson river.Then I saw a plane landing on the water.I spat the burger I was eating.I saw plane land into the water. I thought that  ships were  supposed to be in the water.Why is the plane in the water?I believed that the pilot lost his marbles.So this pilot thought that ships are supposed to land on a runway?I nearly choked upon seeing the plane

Captain Sullenberger(2)
The plane was rattling at first I thought it was a simple turbulence, until I realised  the plane was slowly descending.
I was thinking of how to save everyone, and landing the plane
I was of course scared i had many people’s lives in my hands 1 wrong move……, i knew i could not make it to any airport so i landed in the most natural runway, the Hudson River. My first priority was to make sure everyone was safe, i made sure by walking up and down the aisle twice.

CALEB LAU HAN XIONG studentInterviewer (Duicks)
8 Years ago, on the January 15, 2009, a miracle happened on the Hudson River.
We have the pilot that saved many lives here. Good afternoon Mr Sullenberger.]
To Sully: When did you feel there was something off about the plane?
To Sully: What was your first thoughts when you found out about the situation?
To Sully: Were you scared or had any doubts when you chose to land on the Hudson River?
Thank you it was a pleasure having you here.
Now we will talk to one of the passengers.
To passenger: How did you feel when you got the message from the captain?
To passenger: What did you think was going to happen?
To passenger: What was the atmosphere in the plane.
Thank you for being here. We have a passer-by that witnessed the plane ditching on the Hudson River. Good to have you here.
To passer-by: What were you doing at the time?
To passer-by: What was your initial reaction when you witnessed the plane?
Thank you all for tuning in to the news

Language Arts Video: Flight 1549 eyewitness report


Jian Bang:  
Good evening,I am Jian Bang reporting about  flight 1549. On January 15, 2009, a miracle had happened, Captain Chesley Burnett Sullenberger, or “Sully” had landed Flight 1549 in the Hudson River in New York moments after take off. The flight had encountered a flock of birds which had hit both the engines, causing the plane to completely lose its thrust. We will now interview a passenger who was aboard Flight 1549 and a passerby at the Hudson River.
Mr. Chua, would you like to relate the situation back then?

Ian Chua: That day, I was at the Hudson River admiring the scenery when, an    aeroplane suddenly skidded across the water before coming to a complete stop. The sight of that was terrifying as I had never seen anything like that in my life before.  

Ian Chua: While I was aboard the plane, I suddenly heard a loud boom from both engines and smoke came out from both engines. At that moment, the whole plane broke into a panic state  but the Captain told us not to panic. After about 15 minutes, I saw that we were descending into the Hudson River. It felt like the longest 15 minutes of my life, but the plane had landed on the surface of the Hudson River. It was the most terrifying moment in my life!

Jian Bang: So that was their experiences, There were no lives lost, however, most people suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress. Without the Captain’s swift and quick decision making, the lives of 154 would have been lost.

Hence, the airport has been making changes to improve the experiences of passengers.  

Eyewitness report, Hayden, Julian and Yao Yee